1. Bicon B6: ANSWER and aid to ASK


Answer openly and honestly the questions posed by the person you’re with.

If you create the right climate, the questions asked and the answers you give will help you a great deal, because you will see aspects of the situation not considered before.

If possible, answer the questions without any automation, and be aware of what happens inside you both when hearing and answering the question.

                                                      ...and aid to ask

Find ways to resolve the doubts of the person you’re with. Show willingness to answer her questions and invite her to ask them.

Try to see if there remain unexpressed doubts and if so make them emerge, perhaps by talking about something related to them.

Anticipate possible questions that might arise in the future, when the course of events related to the decision so determines.

Make it clear that you are available for any consultation.


Time stands still

on the edge on this spring

then the answer comes

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