1. How to solve a moshaiku I

On the right we have an unresolved moshaiku, and in the center the corresponding one solved. The figure on the right shows the same moshaiku with some graphs illustrating what follows.

Two rules to solving a moshaiku

Moshaikus are made up by pairs of triangles. On each pair triangles share a small solid vertical line (pair 1-1 on the right) or an horizontal one (pair 2-2). The partner of a triangle on the edge of the board is the one in front of him on the opposite edge. Pairs 3-3 and 4-4 are two examples. The first rule to solve a moshaiku, easily verifiable in the center board, is:

1. On a moshaiku each pair of triangles one of them must be filled and the other empty

Dotted lines are streets to traverse the board where one can also practice the extreme jump: when one comes to the end of the street at one edge one can jump and continue on the opposite extreme. We can thus walk the streets, turn at intersections and jump at their ends. If we start a walk and end up at the same point we traverse a circuit. The right figure shows three of them. See that the purple and blue ones include extreme jumps.

Now let’s look at the filled triangles that we cross when we traverse a circuit such as the yellow one. If we start at its upper left corner and go to the right we cross first a triangle pointing to the direction of our travel, then another one pointing to the opposite direction, another more to the direction of the travel and the latest one to the opposite direction. If we traverse now the blue circuit starting at the left end and going to the right we find first two filled triangles pointing in the direction of travel and then two in the opposite sense. We say that a circuit is balanced if, as these two, it has as many filled triangles pointing to the direction of travel as to the opposite direction. The second rule is to solve a moshaiku is:

2. In a moshaiku ALL circuits must be balanced

Check that the purple circuit is also balanced. Try other circuits too. The pages that follow show in detail how to apply the two rules to solve this moshaiku.


Bright concert of light

with many beautiful parts

here and there