1. How to solve a moshaiku II

You may want to print a moshaiku now and solve it while reading this. Below on the left we have a moshaiku we wish to solve according to the instructions, please read them now.

In the mosaic on the left we have drawn a circuit through 4 pairs of triangles. See that there are 4 / 2 = 2 filled triangles pointing one way and 0 pointing the opposite one. We say that a circuit like this one is balanceable, as it has half the number of pairs filled triangles pointing in one directions and less in the opposite one

To balance it we simply fill the arrows pointing the other way, as seen in the central mosaic (in another color for clarity), always  respecting the rule of a single filled triangle in each pair.

Upon solving a moshaiku you may decide to fill the triangles with faint lines, or draw provisional little crosses inside them, and fully fill them at the end. In this way they can be easily erased or marked as empty if you need to correct a mistake. Another option is to use a pencil and eraser.

In the same central mosaic we have also identified another balanceable circuit (because it goes through 6 pairs of triangles and through 6 / 2 = 3 arrows filled in one direction and 0 in the other). We have balanced it on the right by filling the three triangles pointing in the opposing direction.

The recommended strategy for solving a moshaiku consists precisely in seeking for a balanceable circuit, balancing it, finding another, and so on.


Every single force

the vast whole universe

every single doubt