Life peacefully flows

like water in the river

always in movement

  1. Balanced circuits

  2. Moshaikus are mosaics made up with filled and empty triangles and have a very special property. On the left we have a moshaiku and on the center we have drawn a circuit on it along its streets (dotted lines). If we walk from the circle and go left, we cross first a filled triangle pointing in the direction of our march (+), then another that points in the opposite direction (-) and so on until we reach the starting point. We note that there are as many triangles of one type as of the other, or as we say here, that this is a balanced circuit. Is it a coincidence? Not at all: on a moshaiku any circuit is a balanced one. Try and check other ones.

  3. Extreme jumps

  4. This property of moshaikus is not limited to circuits like the one seen. A moshaiku allows also for extreme jumps: when we reach the end of a street on a board’s edge we jump and continue the walk on the opposite extreme. This feature allows for circuits like the one shown on the right: starting at the circle and going down, after a couple of turns we reach the lower end of a street, then jump up to the top, continue with another turn, get to the right end of another street, jump to its left end and complete the circuit. If we count the triangles crossed we verify that this circuit too is balanced.

  5. Decisions and Moshaikus

  6. In addition to playing a moshaiku can be used to make decisions. The foundations of the technique are described in Decisions and moshaikus. If the decision is a minor one we’ll follow The Moshaiku Little Path. If the matter is of some importance The Moshaiku Path will be more appropriate.

  7. As part of the process you will have to download, print and solve a moshaiku (for the first two operations you’ll need a PDF reader; if you don’t have it you can get one here). At the end you are invited to share your experience. I hope it will be useful and rewarding.

  8. Download the daily Moshaiku

  9. How to solve a Moshaiku

Decisions and moshaikus

  1. The Moshaiku Little Path

  2. The Moshaiku Path

  1. A unique property


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