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How to play

1. Triangles are grouped into the strips pointed to by the arrows

2. Two strips with the same letter make up a pair

3. Each pair must contain all the numbers from 1 to 16


The Canario puzzle and the Canary Islands

The pintaderas are seals used by aboriginals in the spanish islands Gran Canaria and Tenerife’s in prehispanic times (see article in La Opinión de Tenerife). The Canario puzzle is inspired on the pintadera nº 3048 in Museo Canario’s catalog. The puzzle has a younger brother called Monthai.

The Canario puzzle and the tetrahedron

The Canario puzzle actually lives in a a three dimensional object with four faces called tetrahedron. Strips of triangles appear split only when we unfold this object to represent it in two dimensions. To check this you can print and cut out the Canario below. Fold it along the thick green lines, glue the flaps and you will get the tetrahedron. You will see that every triangle strip is now a single closed band that runs across each of the tetrahedron‘s four faces (use the dash patterns to guide yourself). Now, do you see how to obtain additional Canarios from this tetrahedron?


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